Alfa Romeo Mi.To Concept Tackles the Mini Cooper

Alfa Romeo Mi.To Concept Tackles the Mini Cooper


The rest of the Italian automobile market seems to be more interested in high-powered supercars worthy of a title like Italian stallion, but the latest concept from Alfa Romeo is probably better described as a hot hatch.

The Alfa Romeo Mi.To fits right into the increasingly popular subcompact segment, but I have a feeling that it’s not trying to compete with the fuel-efficient Toyota Yaris and Suzuki Swift. Instead, Alfa Romeo is probably more inclined to hit the more performance end of the market, fitting the Mi.To against the likes of something like the VW GTI and the Mini Cooper.

That’s not to say that this thing will guzzle gas like there’s no tomorrow. That would be irresponsible. On a conceptual basis, the Alfa Romeo Mi.To is capable of doing 49 miles on the gallon. Sweet.