Sprint to Launch XOHM WiMAX in September

Sprint to Launch XOHM WiMAX in September


First, it got delayed. Then, it got delayed some more. Just when you thought that the the WiMAX launch from Sprint couldn’t get delayed any longer, they announce that XOHM is going live this September. Wow, took you guys long enough.

The initial September rollout will start out in Baltimore. This is the first commercial launch of XOHM and it will be made available to the masses during that month. Sprint has already conducted extensive WiMAX testing in the Chicago and Baltimore areas, but the service has not yet been made available to the public. Following in Baltimore’s footsteps will be Chicago and Washington, DC.

Regarding the rest of the nation, well, you know how the story goes. They’ll roll out that XOHM blanket — which is said to offer 2-4Mbps per user — when they’re ready to do so.