Sky Neon Sign Cell Phone Lights Up Your Life

Sky Neon Sign Cell Phone Lights Up Your Life


There are a lot of ways for you to express yourself through your cell phone. You can invest in a stylish faceplate or maybe you want to buy a new ringtone. All of these options are well and good, but nothing will quite grab the attention of a random passer-by in the same way as a series of personalized blinking lights.

That seems to be the thinking behind the new Neon Sign mobile phone from Sky of Korea. The clamshell gets loaded with HSDPA connectivity, T-DMB mobile TV, a 2 megapixel camera, WCDMA global roaming, video telephony, media player, e-dictionary, text viewer, and more. Of course, the most notable feature is the inclusion of 49 LEDs on the front panel.

If you want to light up your life, you’ll need to go to Korea to get the Sky Neon Sign. Selling for $400-$500, the Neon Sign is available in white, sky blue, pink, and black. Rhinestones extra.