Excel Spreadsheets Coming to iPhone Via Mariner Calc

Excel Spreadsheets Coming to iPhone Via Mariner Calc


If those Apple commercials are to be believe, a Mac can handle spreadsheets just as well as a Windows-based PC can. When it comes to Windows Mobile smartphones, they typically get loaded with some version of Excel Mobile so that business types can do the spreadsheet thing on the go. Where’s the love for iPhone owners?

It may not be an official release from Microsoft, but you will soon be able to use Excel-compatible spreadsheets on the Apple iPhone. Mariner Software is developing an application that we think is going to be called Mariner Calc. In a nutshell, it’s a stripped-down version of Excel that will work with Apple’s multi-touch mobile phone. The app is 80% done and should be ready when the AppStore opens for business.

Mariner Calc will support multiple sheets per document, charts, objects, and all the usual Excel goodness that you “enjoy” at home. It can even handle up to 32,000 columns and up to one million rows. That’s a lot of data.