LG Secret Owners Are Voyeurs and Perverts (Video)

LG Secret Owners Are Voyeurs and Perverts (Video)


I’m not entirely sure what kind of market LG is targeting with the LG Secret, but if this viral video is any indication, it seems like voyeurs are going to love this camera phone. In the video, some guy is watching a woman sleep across the street and then he uses the touchscreen on the LG Secret to take pictures and manipulate her sheets.

The LG Secret, also known as the LG KF750, is the world’s thinnest camera phone equipped with a 5 megapixel picture-taker. By keeping the package as small and slim as possible, users are able to whip out the Secret on a moment’s notice to snap pics and spy on their neighbors. Too bad my neighbors are not nearly as interesting as the one depicted below.

Watch the LG Secret viral vid all the way to the end for a not so pleasant surprise.