Add a Family Member to iPhone Plan for $9.99

Add a Family Member to iPhone Plan for $9.99


Not only do you want a juicy new iPhone 3G, but so do your wife and children. If you each get an individual iPhone plan, you may have to take out a second mortgage. Thankfully, AT&T is showing a little love to families for the touchtastic Apple cell phone.

You’ll have to start out with a primary plan of at least $39.99 for voice (data is on top of that), but after that, you’ll be able to tag on some additional lines at just $9.99. AT&T has had this standing offer for family plans in the past, but we weren’t sure whether they would be nice to the iPhone owners in the audience. Cupertino likely had a hand in this decision as well.

Yes, getting a family plan means that you’ll need to share those minutes and those megabytes, but it sure beats forking out forty bucks a month (for voice only) for each iPhone in the family.