Samsung Loves the Environment with Two New Green Phones

Samsung Loves the Environment with Two New Green Phones


One of the themes of this year’s COMPUTEX Taipei was Green IT. We are all starting to recognize that while it is fun having new toys all the time, we should also be paying attention to the kind of impact we are having on Mother Nature. I guess Samsung was listening too.

Two of the newest phones coming out the Samsung camp are said to be environmentally friendly. May I introduce you to the Samsung SCH-W510 and the SGH-F268. While the devices don’t actively do anything to save the environment, they will be made with materials that are a little more landfill-friendly.

The W510 uses “natural-dissolved bio-plastic made from corn starch for the battery cover and other parts.” This way, when you finally toss the phone, it can just sort of dissolve back into nature. The surface has also been coated with some anti-bacterial stuff.

The Samsung F268 will be free from PVCs and BFRs (Brominated flame retardants), and it is destined for the Chinese market. Even the accessories for this phone will be PVC and BFR-free.