Microsoft Zune Goes On Sale at Best Buy Canada

Microsoft Zune Goes On Sale at Best Buy Canada


Canadians have been left out in the cold when it comes to Microsoft-branded portable music players, but that changed today when the Zune made its official debut in the land of maple syrup and hockey.

I got the email newsletter from Best Buy earlier today announcing that they are now selling all of the new varieties of the Microsoft Zune. They’ve got the big honking 80GB player in your choice of black or red for $249.99 if you need all that storage. For people more interested in portability, there is also the Flash-based Zune that ships in pink, red, and black. The 4-gigger is $139.99 and the 8-gigger is $189.99.

These price points place the Zune just a hair below the competing iPod from Apple. Is saving ten bucks enough to get Canadians to do the switch? We’ll find out in the months to come.