Mega Gallery of Garmin Nuvifone User Interface

Mega Gallery of Garmin Nuvifone User Interface


It’s not Windows Mobile. It’s not Android. It’s not Apple. The Garmin Nuvifone has its own unique flavor of user interface and based on this gallery of screenshots, it’s quite the looker. Unlike so many other manufacturers out there that try to cram as many icons as possible into the tiniest of displays, Garmin understands the appeal of minimalism.

On display at CommunicAsia in Singapore, the Garmin Nuvifone has a primary user interface wherein you can swipe through a full menu of icons using your finger. These applications are clearly laid out in list fashion, granting you access to everything from SMS and Google Search to email and music playing. The on-screen QWERTY keyboard is spaced out quite well and it comes with predictive text too.

The GPS side of things looks just like the GPS navigation on Garmin’s regular portable navigation devices. That’s a good thing, for those of you keeping score at home. Check out the full gallery at Laptopmag.