Make a Fool of Yourself with Mini Karaoke

Make a Fool of Yourself with Mini Karaoke


As if being a blundering idiot at an expatriate bar wasn’t enough, you can now get all kinds of stares when you start singing on the subway. Here is what could be the world’s smallest karaoke box. And yes, it comes with the doofy VoIP-style headset as well.

The Hi-Kara Karaoke box from Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy (the same people behind Flip Flap) is a tiny 7cm cube that comes with a 2.4-inch LCD. This screen is used to display your typical Karaoke-ified music videos, complete with lyrics. You can either sing along using the provided headset or you can make use of an external mic and the integrated speakers.

Four AAA batteries provides enough juice for 4.5 hours of embarrassment. The Hi-Kara sells for $97. Songs will be sold via cartridges. A ten-pack is $19 and a 20-pack is $34.