Leaked: iPhone 3G Data Rates for Rogers Wireless

Leaked: iPhone 3G Data Rates for Rogers Wireless


We already know that the 3G data plan for the AT&T iPhone is going to ring in at $30 a month, but now a little bird is telling me that data rates for the Rogers Wireless edition will cost about the same. Well, they’ll cost thirty bucks (in addition to a voice plan) if you’re a relatively light surfer.

It has been confirmed by an unnamed Rogers representative that there will be three different data plans for the Apple iPhone, though we’ll take this “confirmation” with a grain of salt since there has been no official announcement and no name attached to the “confirmation.” If the rumor holds true, however, wireless data is starting to almost sound reasonable in Canuck-land.

The three rates are as follows: $30 for 300MB, $60 for 1GB, and $100 for 6GB. These plans will also apply on non-iPhones, including gray market handsets and laptop tethering. Or so I hear anyways.