Nokia Touchscreen Phones Range From Cheap to Baller

Nokia Touchscreen Phones Range From Cheap to Baller


By and large, it seems that the touchscreen phone market is heavily populated with high-end handsets. You’ve got premium devices like the LG Prada and the HTC Touch Diamond, both of which are quite the pricey purchase. When Nokia finally jumps into the realm of touchscreen cell phones, they’re going to make sure that they approach all segments of the market. They promise to bring everything from el cheapo to “I’ve got too much money on my hands.”

The first wave will likely be powered by the S60 Touch UI that we have seen before. Touchscreen phones currently make up a “niche market”, according to Senior Vice President of Nokia Markets Anssi Vanjoki. “We always aim for a situation where we can cover all the segments with all the options.” The goal for Nokia is to do the touchscreen thing by introducing “products from the very low segment to the highest one featuring this type of functionality.”

In this way, you could say that Nokia wants to offer everything from the “shuffle” and “nano” variety to the more expensive “classic” and “touch” variety. Something like that.