Get Ready for Windows Mobile 7 in Six Months

Get Ready for Windows Mobile 7 in Six Months


As sad as it may sound, I’m still kicking around with a smartphone that runs on Windows Mobile 5. Since buying the T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard), I’ve seen people upgrading around me to Windows Mobile 6 and, more recently, to Windows Mobile 6.1. The added speed and functionality of the new operating systems are certainly alluring, especially the threaded text message feature in WinMo 6.1.

Yes, everyone is clamoring over the iPhone 3G and the updated TouchFLO of the HTC Touch Diamond, but it sounds like a huge development could be coming our way in about six months. According to Kevin Chen, HTC Regional General Manager, Windows Mobile 7 will officially be hitting the market in the first quarter of next year. This isn’t just a soft launch of the new OS either, because he says that there will be market-ready devices running on WM7 by that time.

This is ahead of next year’s Mobile World Congress (previously known as 3GSM). Is Windows Mobile 7 going to bring enough to the table to steal the thunder of Google Android? We’ll find out soon enough.