BluePointer Headset Approved by Predator, Locutus of Borg

BluePointer Headset Approved by Predator, Locutus of Borg


Resistance is futile. For a geek-fest that may possibly go to far, you need to look no further than the BluePointer Bluetooth Headset from Brando. That’s because this thing combines the BT headset side of things with an integrated laser pointer. When you’re in a voice call, it seems that you can just activate the laser pointer and disintegrate any bystanders in sight. It is a private call, after all.

Strap three of these things together and you’ve got the aiming mechanism made famous by Predator. You’ll have to grow out your own dreadlocks and nab your own blaster, but the BluePointer will get you that much closer to fighting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jungle (or Danny Glover in the city).

As if the laser and Bluetooth headset functionality weren’t enough, the Brando BluePointer can also be used as an LED torch and as a presentation mouse. Rounding out the specs are six hours of talk, 120 hours of standby, and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR class 2. Check it out for $90.