Video: Unboxing RCA Small Wonder Traveler Digital Camcorder

Video: Unboxing RCA Small Wonder Traveler Digital Camcorder


Although it is far from being the most advanced piece of technology on the market, the super affordable Flip Video Ultra has certainly carved out a new niche in the digital camcorder market. The Flip Video is far from being alone in that segment anymore with the recent launch of the Creative Vado and the camcorder of today’s interest, the RCA Small Wonder Traveler.

Also known as the EZ210, the RCA Small Wonder Traveler is a direct competitor to the Flip Video. My initial impressions of the device are that it’s a fair bit larger than the Flip, but the video quality does not appear to be all that much better. I do appreciate the memory expansion by way of SD cards, however, because it means that you can theoretically never run out of space.

The 2GB unbranded card that comes in the box gives you enough space for up to four hours of web quality video. Check out my unboxing and hands-on in the video below.