Transform Any Notebook into a Macbook with EFiX

Transform Any Notebook into a Macbook with EFiX


My good friend Stephen Fung has recently developed a fetish for creating Hackintosh computers, transforming both his desktop and his Asus laptop into full blown Apple machines. Both of them are running Mac OS X Leopard and Stephen couldn’t be happier.

Doing the Hackintosh thing can sound like quite the daunting task for a computer novice, so it’s great to hear about the creation of the EFiX USB dongle. Instead of dealing with all those software updates and hardware compatibility issues, the EFiX dongle can automagically do that for you. Transform any PC into a Mac. At that point, Mac OS X can be installed straight from the DVD.

It took six months of testing, but EFiX will be ready to go live on June 23. There’s no guarantees at this point, but you can watch a video of the dongle in action in the meantime.