Hop-On HOP1809 Phone with 3G Tackles iPhone 3G

Hop-On HOP1809 Phone with 3G Tackles iPhone 3G


You’ve got to have some guts if you want to compete against the juggernaut known as the iPhone 3G, so you’ve got to hand it to the folks at Hop-On for even making the attempt. No, the HOP1809 does not have a large multi-touch display nor does it come with fancy-schmancy user interface, but it does do 3G and it does it for a lot less money.

The HOP1809 cell phone from Hop-on retails for a mere $125 and it’s perfectly capable of doing the 3G high-speed data thing. Better still, Hop-on says that the HOP1809 is a lot easier to handle than the iPhone 3G, thanks to its significantly smaller footprint. Going even further, the HOP1809 has a camera view finder on the front of the phone, “facilitating true video conference calls.” Hop-on president Peter Michaels is “really excited with this new series.”

I don’t think anyone is going to confused the HOP1809 with an iPhone killer. With a 1.8-inch CSTN display, MIDI ringtones, and a REX operating system, this Hop-on offering really shows its $125 price tag.