Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas Gets Microsoft Surface

Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas Gets Microsoft Surface


Microsoft has been going around showing off its Surface computer for some time now, but it seems like it is taking forever for the giant touchscreen to actually hit the real world. We’ve already seen the launch of the Microsoft Surface at select AT&T stores across the country, but now you’ll be able to tap to your heart’s delight in Las Vegas as well.

Harrah’s Casino is one of the first gambling establishments to deploy the Microsoft Surface. Among the applications that have been loaded into this particular model is something called Mixologists. Customers sit up and essentially create their own drinks. The order is then sent to the bar and, presumably, one of the servers will then deliver the drink to their table a short while later.

Another program that has been loaded into Harrah’s Microsoft Surface allows gamblers to watch videos on YouTube. Nothing quite like sipping on a custom drink while listening to Chocolate Rain or watching the Star Wars kid.