WWDC Keynote Speech Condensed into 60 Seconds

WWDC Keynote Speech Condensed into 60 Seconds


Did you miss the epic keynote speech dished out by the Jobsian one earlier this week at WWDC 2008? Don’t worry. You’ll know everything you need to know in a mere 60 seconds.

The good folks at Mahalo Daily have mashed together a condensed version of Steve Jobs’ WWDC keynote address. In it, the Cupertino giant unleashes a few details on the iPhone 2.0 firmware, the pending support for Microsoft Exchange, iWork document support, and that cool thing that we have now come to know as MobileMe. Not all the nitty-gritty has been included in the minute-long video, but it’s a great overview for anyone who didn’t have all that precious time to blow earlier this week.

Now we just have to sit around until July 11th when the epic launch of the epic 3G iPhone occurs. I know you’re sitting on pins and needles in anticipation. We all are.