Verizon Getting Loaded With Trio of LG Cell Phones

Verizon Getting Loaded With Trio of LG Cell Phones


It appears that LG and Verizon Wireless have become good bedfellows, because they have produced no fewer than three different offspring that will approach three slightly different segments of the market. Yes, I said offspring and attack in the same sentence, but this has nothing to do with a cheesy B-level horror movie.

The first of the three is the LG Dare, which you may also know as the VX9700. Much like the Vu, the LG Dare features an extra large touchscreen display and no physical keypad. There are only three hard buttons on the face of this phone, helping to keep the profile much slimmer than the LG Voyager and other similar handsets.

The second is the LG Chocolate 3. Although you may expect the Chocolate 3 to be a slider, this is actually a flip phone instead. The face comes with touch sensitive controls and it gets back by a microSDHC expansion slot and FM transmitter.

Bringing up the rear is the LG Decoy, the first phone in Verizon’s lineup (and in the United States?) to come with a hidden Bluetooth headset. Just pop it out when you need it and shove it back in when you don’t. The cool thing is that the included charger will top off both halves at the same time.

All three LG phones are set for release either this month or next month. Pricing has not yet been announced.