Touchscreen Asus Eee PC Goes Official

Touchscreen Asus Eee PC Goes Official


Well, not exactly, but Asus is offering you a touchscreen supplement to the ever popular Eee PC line of subnotebooks. Shown off at COMPUTEX Taipei last week was an interesting little handwriting pad that is meant to accompany your tiny little notebook. Presumably connecting via USB, the touch tablet seems to work best under the Linux environment.

The actual touchscreen part of the equation does not look to be all that large, getting surrounded by a whole sea of matte white. I’m not exactly sure why they would make the peripheral so much larger than the actual functional portion. From what I can gather, this added device is not a true tablet. Instead, it takes a page out of Palm’s book by offering handwriting recognition, both for Chinese and English characters.

No word on pricing or availability, but it seems that Asus has no trouble pumping out more and more items under the Eee banner.