Sprint Revamps Voice and Data Plans on June 15

Sprint Revamps Voice and Data Plans on June 15


In an effort to make their plans a little more streamlined and a little easier to understand, Sprint is looking to completely revamp its selection of voice and data plans starting early next week. Perhaps the most notable change to the plan structure is that there will no longer be separate plans for Sprint (CDMA) and Nextel (iDEN). Instead, they have been consolidated under a single umbrella and you will be able to mix and match CDMA with iDEN on a single account.

The Power Pack and Free Incoming plans have been nixed. Single user lines start at $39 for 450 minutes, or you can double your time for $20 more. There will be three kinds of Talk/Message/Connect plans that offer unlimited messaging, Direct Connect (PTT), and voice minutes, but no data. Those start at $49.99. The unlimited plans, which include data, start at $69 a month for 450 minutes and top out at $99 for unlimited minutes. These unlimited plans also include navigation, TV, and Direct Connect.

If you’re looking for a smartphone, you will be forced to take on a talk plan with a Vision Pro pack ($30). Using an Everything plan with a smartphone is also fine.