Sneak Preview of Abit’s First Mobile Internet Device

Sneak Preview of Abit’s First Mobile Internet Device


Abit is a company that you may know better for their motherboards and other internal computer components, but it seems that the firm decided to spread its wings a little at COMPUTEX Taipei by showcasing a couple of unique items. Well, unique compared to what they have done thus far.

The first is the world’s first digital picture frame that also features an integrated photo printer. The idea is that when you have guests over to your home, they can not only look through your picture collection on the frame, but they can also hit the print button for a copy to take home with them. The printing process takes about a minute and it works out to about 30 cents a print through the cartridges. The frame-printer itself is about $300.

The second is the item that you see here. Everyone seems to be clamoring over the Asus Eee PC these days, but there is still a market for mobile Internet devices like the Nokia Internet Tablet. The prototype MID from Abit doesn’t seem particularly revolutionary, but you have to remember that this is the first time for Abit doing something like this. The placement of the webcam is a little strange, because it’s right where your left thumb would rest. The operating system of choice here is Linux and we believe that it runs on the VIA C7-M processor.