Toying with the $3 Gorillapod Knockoff

Toying with the $3 Gorillapod Knockoff


The real Gorillapod camera mount by Joby can run you anywhere from $20 to $40, so you’ve got to wonder how well a $3 knockoff holds up. Aside from attending Computex, I’ve also had the opportunity to peruse through some of the local shops. When I saw this cheap knockoff, I just had to snatch it up.

The retail price on this generic Gorillapod-like flexible tripod is NT$100, which works out to just a little over three bucks. The top portion does not have a screw underneath, so you will need to rotate your compact point-and-shoot (I wouldn’t recommend using this for a larger DSLR) into the mount.

The three arms are composed of several round nubs that snab into just about any position that you’d like. The build quality isn’t the best on the knockoff, but it seems to do the job. Now it’s just a matter of how long it’s going to last.