Taiwan Top 10 Global Brands

Taiwan Top 10 Global Brands


Most people recognize Japan as a huge hub for technological advances, but a lot of fantastic work is being done in another Asian island nation as well. Taiwan is home to some of the most influential technology brands on the planet, so it’s not surprising that the list of the top 10 global brands from Taiwan is largely dominated by the tech guys.

Sitting at the top of the list is Asus, a company that does everything from motherboards to cell phones. The brand value is in excess of $1 billion US. That’s impressive. Other highlights from the list include Acer, HTC, D-Link and BenQ, all of which take care of our techie needs.

Interestingly, the number five spot is occupied by Master Kong (no relation to King Kong or Donkey Kong), a company that specializes in food and beverage. Instant noodles or Eee PC… you decide.