Second-Generation Classmate PC Refresh Has Atom Inside

Second-Generation Classmate PC Refresh Has Atom Inside


Designed for deployment in classrooms all across the country is the slightly rugged, but reasonably powerful Classmate PC Refresh. The second-generation model was on display at Computex in Taipei and it’s got something special inside that was not found in the first unit.

Being showcased at the Intel booth is the second-generation Intel-powered Classmate PC Refresh. The Intel-powered part of the equation isn’t regular old Centrino or Celeron. Instead, this little kid-friendly notebook gets its processing power from the increasingly popular Intel Atom processor. More efficiency and more power in the tiniest of form factors.

Personally, I find the Classmate PC Refresh to be a little too bulky, especially when you compare it to the thinner offerings from firms like Haier and MSI. The handle on the back might come in handy though.