Playing with the Eee Stick is Vaguely Familiar

Playing with the Eee Stick is Vaguely Familiar


We already heard that Asus plans on spinning off the Eee brand into nearly its own identity, expanding beyond the popular Eee PC notebook to provide Eee TVs and Eee desktop computers. As part of this expansion strategy, Asus has already created something that they call the Eee Stick. Going hands on with this wireless remote, I am vaguely reminded of something else.

What could that be? Oh right. The Eee Stick looks nearly identical to the nunchuk attachment for the Nintendo Wii, except the Eee Stick is completely wireless. There are actually two halves to the Eee Stick, much like the two-piece configuration of the Wii control scheme. Both units look like the nunchuk, but only the left one has an analog stick. The right Eee Stick features four face buttons instead.

One of the demo games that Asus had at their Computex booth is highly inspired by Super Monkey Ball. You tilt the Eee Stick to navigate a ball around a maze-like course. The goal is to not fall off the stage. The responsiveness is pretty much in line with what Nintendo has. I guess it’s only a matter of time before we end up with Mario Kart Eee or something.