MSI Wind Variant Boasts Integrated UV Sensor

MSI Wind Variant Boasts Integrated UV Sensor


I’m not exactly sure what kind of purpose this could serve, but a conceptual variant of the MSI Wind subnotebook has been outfitted with an integrated UV sensor, complete with the software to run the little thing. Built into the right side of the wrist rest is a little hole where the UV sensor is located.

I suppose the idea is that because the MSI Wind is so portable, you’ll want to bring it with you everywhere that you go. With the summer months upon us, you might be live-blogging from the beach, for example. While out in the sun, you may lose track of the fact that you may need to slather on some more sunscreen and this UV sensor will remind you of that.

Realistically, not too many people are going to be interested in this kind of feature. It’s more a proof of concept than anything else.