Mio Leap K1 GPS Phone is Two-Faced

Mio Leap K1 GPS Phone is Two-Faced


Even though the form factor on most portable electronic devices is getting smaller and smaller, manufacturers are still finding ways to shove even more functionality into these increasingly tiny shells. Pushing convergence to another level is the award-winning Mio Leap K1.

On one side of this device, you get the experience of a regular bar-style cell phone. There’s a small color display above a standard numeric keypad. From this side, you can send text messages, check email, and do all that usual phone stuff.

Flipping over to the other side of the Leap K1, however, and you’ll discover full GPS navigation functionality. There is an embedded 20-channel GPS receiver and MioMap 2008 with separate car and pedestrian navigation modes. Completing the picture are a multimedia player, 2.0 megapixel camera, and tri-band GSM connectivity.