Keeping Powered in the Wilderness with Arko Solar Bag

Keeping Powered in the Wilderness with Arko Solar Bag


Whether your mobile professional or just a student on the go, it can be quite the frustrating experience to discover that your notebook is running out of juice and you have no access to wall outlet. It’s also not fun when your jamming away on your iPod, only to find that you’re out of power. Being alone with your thoughts, without music, can be a very scary experience.

Arko certainly is not the first company to come up with a solution like this, but it doesn’t get much handier than their Solar Bag. This backpack has been equipped with a pair of solar panels on the backside, so whether you’re strolling through the mall or hanging out with Mother Nature, you’ve got access to extra power for your laptop, cell phone, or whatever else you like to carry around.

Talking to the Arko rep at Computex, I was told that power could be fed through a USB port, but you can presumably get a conventional power outlet working on this thing too. Just because you’re in the woods doesn’t mean you can’t stay powered.