BenQ Unleashes S6 Mobile Internet Device at Computex

BenQ Unleashes S6 Mobile Internet Device at Computex


While everyone else is clamoring to get in on the subnotebook market currently dominated by the Asus Eee PC, fellow Taiwanese manufacturer BenQ is taking a slightly different approach to the mobile computing world. Instead of selling a small laptop, they’ve created the BenQ S6 Mobile Internet Device.

Taking on the MID form factor popularized by a certain Nokia device, the BenQ S6 gets equipped with a 4.8-inch touchscreen display that has a 800×480 pixel resolution. Storage is provided through a solid state drive for added performance and battery life, whereas the processing side of things comes from an Intel Centrino Atom. Everyone’s digging that 45nm chipset these days.

Completing the picture is your usual smattering of wireless connectivity options, including Bluetooth, WiFi, and HSDPA. I just wish it had QWERTY.