It Doesn’t Get Much Smaller Than Bello Bluetooth

It Doesn’t Get Much Smaller Than Bello Bluetooth


There are two competing trends in the realm of consumer electronics. On the one hand, you have manufacturers who are working to improve performance and push functionality to new heights. On the other hand, you have firms that are more concerned about shrinking things down and making it easier for us to carry all that tech with us everywhere that we go. I think it’s pretty clear which mentality Tonino Lamborghini had in mind when they decided to create the Bello Bluetooth headset.

On display at Computex Taipei, the Tonino Lamborghini Bello Bluetooth headset has got to be one of the smallest on the market. It weighs less than nine grams and has a footprint that is barely bigger than a quarter. The in-ear design allows you to have a nice comfortable fit, but for added stability, Tonino Lamborghini also offers an ear loop. The Bello runs on Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and offers up to six hours of talk time, 160 hours of standby.

The Bello Bluetooth headset from Tonino Lamborghini is shipping now. It retails for about $70.