Video: Dancing Pandas Freak Me Out a Little

Video: Dancing Pandas Freak Me Out a Little


Strolling my way through the trade show floor at Computex Taipei 2008, I’m surrounded by a lot of different tech companies offering a wide variety of different products. You’ve got guys that sell laptop stands, others that build LCD panels, and then you’ve got the companies that specialize in dancing pandas, lions, and frogs.

The Ozaki Mini seems to offer much the same kind of functionality as a wide range of other iPod speaker docks and alarm clocks, but in order to grab the attention of random passers-by, Ozaki decided to set up its own dancing band of stuffed animals. Instead of making me take notice in a good way, these dancing pandas kind of creeped me out instead.

Check out the video for yourself. The weird thing is that they appear to be dancing to cardboard cutouts of the iPod touch and not the real deal.