Sneak Peek at OCZ Fortress Rugged USB Flash Drive

Sneak Peek at OCZ Fortress Rugged USB Flash Drive


The guys over at Corsair have a behemoth of a flash drive known as the Corsair Survivor. This thing can take an absolute beating, enduring all sorts of extreme temperatures and wicked abuse. Up until now, OCZ hasn’t had quite as beefy of an offering but that’s all about to the change with the upcoming release of the OCZ Fortress.

Very few details are available at this time, but according to the sheet that accompanied the prototype unit at Computex Taipei, the “OCZ Fortress is the epitome of world-class data storage.” It’s got a totally rugged look to it, but OCZ reminds us that it is still “elegant and robust. Interestingly, the cap seems to have a notched edge to it. This could help to better secure the cap, I guess.

Stay tuned for more information on this product that is “coming soon.” OCZ promises that the Fortress will offer “superlative reliability, speed, and style.”