OCZ Diesel USB Flash Drive is Rally on Diet?

OCZ Diesel USB Flash Drive is Rally on Diet?


Although the OCZ Diesel is marketed as a “high performance USB 2.0 flash drive”, this little piece of pocket memory is probably better described as an affordable option for those on a budget. The Diesel seems to have the same (or similar) aluminum casing as the more expensive OCZ Rally2 USB Flash Drive, except they have replaced the metal cap with a clear plastic one.

Offered in capacities as large as 16GB, the OCZ Diesel “is a sleek, sturdy, and affordable flash drive that gets the job done and offers the reliability that you would expect from OCZ Technology.” Interestingly, along with bringing the price a little lower for this drive, OCZ seems to have shaved a little bit of girth from the Diesel as well. Just try not to lose it.

Pricing information is not available, but we can tell you that the OCZ Diesel USB 2.0 flash drive is officially certified to work with Windows Vista. Not that most other drives can’t do that or anything.