Get 20GB Free Online Storage with Asus Eee PC Purchase

Get 20GB Free Online Storage with Asus Eee PC Purchase


Remember when the Asus Eee PC first launched last year and so many people wondered how they would be able to survive with just 4GB of internal memory? I guess the guys at Asus heard their pleas, not only increasing the capacity of the solid state drive housed within their tiny laptop, but also providing another means for Eee users to stash their photos, music, and other documents.

Free with every Asus Eee PC sold is 20GB of Internet storage. You’ll have to find a way to get online in order to access anything you upload to the server, but it means that you effectively have a 20GB virtual hard drive available to your Eee PC. This added bonus comes complete with drag and drop functionality for easy file management. Asus says that this free online storage comes with a secure group sharing function as well, so you can allow other computers to get at the data as well.

Somehow I think that the 20GB of free Internet storage is not a lifetime offering. I hope Asus proves me wrong on that front.