Metal Notebook Case and Lap Stand in One

Metal Notebook Case and Lap Stand in One


We don’t just do our computing from the comfort of our homes anymore, so there is a growing demand for laptop accessories that make our mobile lives just a little bit easier. Making its official debut at Computex Taipei 2008 is a Choiix, an off-shoot from Cooler Master that is dedicated specifically to the notebook accessory market.

One of the products that Choiix has on display at Computex is their Ergonomic Metal Sleeve. While it may look like just another laptop cool bag, this sleeve has also been designed to work as a laptop stand. It can be placed either on a table or in your lap. One side of the sleeve has an aluminum cover that can hep to dissipate heat. While in the sleeve, this same aluminum plate can protect the delicate displays of Tablet PCs and other touchscreen products.

The Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve comes in three sizes. The C-M801 fits seven to ten-inch models, the C-M802 fits 12-13 inch models, and the C-M803 fits 14-inch laptops. Pricing has not yet been decided.