VIA OpenBook Subnotebook Preconfigured for XOHM WiMAX

VIA OpenBook Subnotebook Preconfigured for XOHM WiMAX


At the first major Computex Taipei 2008 press conference, TAITRA President Walter Yeh emphasized that one of the themes to this year’s trade show was WiMAX. As you may or may not know, this 4G technology is supposed to provide the same (or even faster) level of performance as WiFi, but in more of a cellular configuration. By plunking WiMAX into consumer electronics, we are able to stay super-connected to the world around us. It’s supposed to be faster than 3G or 3.5G.

Although Sprint doesn’t seem totally ready to blanket the nation in XOHM WiMAX just yet, VIA is totally ready to load up its OpenBook UMPC with the ultra high-speed standard. Along with this mobile broadband connectivity, the VIA OpenBook also gets all sorts of other goodies, like a high resolution display, DVI-out, and a four-cell battery integrated right into the screen hinge.

As a result of doing such a good job, the VIA OpenBook took home a Gold Design and Innovation Award at this year’s Computex Taipei. The VIA people must be so proud of their tiny laptop.