Swing Duo USB Flash Drive Goes Golden

Swing Duo USB Flash Drive Goes Golden


I’ve seen some rather tiny USB flash drives in my day and the Swing Duo has got to be one of the smallest. The kicker is that each unit is actually comprised of two separate flash drives. That’s where the Duo part of its name comes from.

When I first saw the Swing Duo USB Flash Drive by Starline International and Mindsailors Starline Polska, I thought that the second swinging portion was merely a protective cover. This way, the actual USB connectors could be protected from the elements. While it does maintain this function, each colored half can function as its own independent memory stick. They say it’s a “totally different and a very fresh way to carry your data.”

The Swing Duo USB Flash Drive is the winner of a Gold Design & Innovation Award at Computex Taipei 2008. It is available in capacities ranging from 2GB to 16GB and it comes with a rainbow of different colors.