Leather-Bound Asus U2E Wins Design and Innovation Award

Leather-Bound Asus U2E Wins Design and Innovation Award


While the Acer Aspire Gemstone Blue is capable of conquering the needs of hardcore gamers, the rest of us may be interested in something more portable like the award-winning Asus U2E notebook. This lappy doesn’t get a big honking 17-inch screen that’ll make your backpack droop to the ground. Instead, the U2E is equipped with a compact 11.1-inch WXGA LED backlit display. That’s not to say that this is a slouch in the performance department though!

Winner of a Computex Taipei Design and Innovation Award (which was overseen by the same people who do the iF awards at CES), the Asus U2E was “designed and crafted to deliver the highest level of luxury, and presents itself as a bona fide lifestyle accessory that is infinitely useful and versatile.” You get a hand polished stainless steel frame and premium leather wrapping the top cover and the wrist rest areas.

The rest of the specs include an Intel ULV U7500 processor, 3GB RAM, 120GB 1.8-inch IDE HDD, fingerprint reader, and Super Multi DVD-RW drive. There’s also a $700 option to swap out that 120GB hard drive in favor of a 32GB SSD and a 160GB external HDD. Prices start at just under $2,000.