Google Android OS Demo Video

Google Android OS Demo Video


I realize that a lot has already been said about Google’s upcoming smartphone platform, but there are a few interesting innovations depicted in the video embedded below. One of the Google reps goes through some of the funky features found in Android and I’ve got to tell ya, it seems that Symbian and Windows Mobile will have some fairly stiff competition when Android finally goes live.

For example, you probably know about the “slide to unlock” function found on the Apple iPhone. For that, you provide a single swipe across an appropriate section of the screen and then you get access to the main menu. For Google Android, there is a 3×3 grid of dots that you can connect in a specified manner. In the video, the Google rep draws a G. By allowing a custom swipe, Android adds an extra level of security too.

Another interesting feature is the ability to pull down the status bar at the top of the screen. Normal stuff like battery life remaining and signal strength are displayed, but when you see a little envelope at the top, that could mean a text message, an MMS, or an email. Pulling that bar down tells you exactly what the envelope means and who the message is from.

What else does Google have in store for us? Seeing how much I use their current suite of online apps, I have a feeling that I’m going to totally dig Android.