Darfon Unleashes Mammoth-Sized Laptop in Taipei

Darfon Unleashes Mammoth-Sized Laptop in Taipei


Computex Taipei is not set to officially open its doors until tomorrow morning, but we managed to sneak our way onto the trade show floor one day early and look at what we discovered. The carpet had not yet been laid out and most of the products are not ready for photographer’s eyes just yet, but over at Darfon booth, they’ve already got some monumental-sized eye candy for us to consider.

What you see here is what could turn out to the absolute largest laptop in Taiwan. To give you a sense of just how big this notebook is, you can compare it to the sizes of the keyboards that have been put on display beneath it. Those are full-sized keyboards, as far as I could tell, so this thing is simply mammoth. If you’re one of those people who complain about the minuscule size of the trackpad on the Eee PC, then this might be the laptop for you.

To further catch the attention of random passers-by, the illuminated keyboard on this mammoth wonder changes colors on the fly, fading out from blue to reveal green, red, and other tones. I guess Darfon’s motto is go big or go home.