MSI Wind is Better, Worse than HP Mini-Note

MSI Wind is Better, Worse than HP Mini-Note


As we inch that much closer to Computex Taiwan next week, more information is starting to present itself about the MSI Wind. In fact, the CNET UK office had the chance to go hands on with the subnotebook and it seems like they’re very happy with what MSI has managed to achieve with this little laptop. They like it so much that they say it “could take the throne from the Asus Eee PC as the best mini-laptop on the planet.” Bold words.

The CNET UK office says that the 10-inch display on the MSI Wind is superior to the display found on the more expensive HP Mini-Note 2133. Also, while the “overall design aesthetic and keyboard” are better than the Eee PC, the keyboard and design are better on the HP. Lastly, it’s interesting to note that you can quickly overclock the Wind by hitting Fn+F10. This activates MSI’s “TurboDrive Engine”, which pushes the processor about an extra 20%.

Looks pretty sweet. The MSI Wind should start shipping next month, so you’ll soon be able to compare it to the Eee yourself.