Acer Aspire One Mini-Laptop Spotted in the Wild

Acer Aspire One Mini-Laptop Spotted in the Wild


And let the competition begin. The market is about to get flooded with all sorts of alternatives to the Asus Eee PC and it seems like one of the latest entries comes from our friends at Acer. To be named the Acer Aspire One, this mini notebook shares much of its appeal with the other subnotebooks out there.

Details are really slim at this point, but we do hear the the Acer Aspire One gets equipped with an 8.9-inch display. That happens to be right in line with the MSI Wind and the Eee PC 901. The rumored resolution of the display is 1024×768, but since it looks more like a widescreen, it could be 1024×600 instead.

The Acer Aspire One will be powered by Windows XP SP3, though the provided shot seems to depict a different interface. Perhaps there are other OS options or maybe this is a media center overlay. The Aspire One is being built by Quanta, the same notebook ODM as that used by HP, Dell, and Apple. Look for more information (and possible European availability) to come in a few weeks.