Typing Made Easy on QWERTY-less Cell Phones

Typing Made Easy on QWERTY-less Cell Phones


Part of the reason why I invested in my HTC smartphone in the first place was because it came equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. This made it much easier for me to compose notes and text messages than having to deal with a messy T9 predictive text system. For folks who have phones without QWERTY, what is the best way to enter text then?

Sure, you could try to fumble your way through T9 or tap your way through the virtual on-screen keyboard, but it’s probably a lot easier to nab this little Bluetooth keyboard instead. Equipped with Bluetooth 2.0, this small SPKB-BT keyboard from I-O Data looks to be about the same size as the keyboard on the Eee PC 701. Power comes by way of a pair of AA batteries, lasting as long as three months with one hour of use each day.

The I-O Data CPKB-BT mini Bluetooth keyboard will be available in Japan on June 11 for about $153.