Thanko’s Portable Media Player Powered by the Sun

Thanko’s Portable Media Player Powered by the Sun


Don’t you hate it when you’re out on the road with your personal media player, only to discover that it is severely short on battery? It sucks. Thanko’s latest creation ensures that you will be able to enjoy your movies no matter where you are, regardless of whether you remembered to charge the device beforehand. That’s because this MP4 player comes with an integrated solar panel.

Looking almost like a compact digital camera, the Thanko Solar MP4 player has a solar panel that seems to double as a kickstand. This way, you can set up the player on a table, let it soak in the sun’s rays, and watch videos on the other side on the 220 x 176 pixel LCD. Other features include 4GB of internal memory, mono speaker, voice recorder, FM radio, SD card slot, and built-in games. It does music too.

One hour of solar charging on a sunny day provides about 15 minutes of video or 35 minutes of audio. A full charge over a USB connection takes about 5 hours. Look for the Thanko Solar MP4 player in Japan for about $96.