One More Live Shot of the 3G iPhone in White

One More Live Shot of the 3G iPhone in White


We hear that the next Apple iPhone will come in three different flavors and the latest leaked photographs are in line with this assertion. What we see here is yet another look at the upcoming 3G iPhone, this time shown with its curvaceous backside and glossy white casing.

The handset shown here does not appear to the full unit, but rather just the outer shell. This is evidenced by the lack of any innards or the touchscreen display. Even so, the casing does provide some rather useful information like the more tapered edges, revised docking port area, narrower chrome bezel, and glossy plastic backing.

It won’t be that long until Steve Jobs takes the stage at WWDC. Only then, we hope, can we finally put all these rumors to rest and have the real deal on our hands.