New Version of HTC Touch Diamond Has Sliding QWERTY

New Version of HTC Touch Diamond Has Sliding QWERTY


The HTC Touch Diamond has elicited its fair share of praise and it seems that the glorious touchscreen cell phone is only getting better, especially for T-Mobile subscribers.

Shown here is the T-Mobile version of the HTC Touch Diamond and they plan on selling it as the MDA Compact IV. Unlike the original Diamond, the MDA Compact IV has rounder edges and the back side does not have that funky diamond pattern. It’s softer and more subdued while still offering the glorious great looks and slim profile.

Below the MDA Compact IV is a device that is even more exciting. In a nutshell, the MDA Vario IV is the HTC Touch Diamond (or more accurately the MDA Compact IV) but with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. That’s an absolutely critical feature for people who send a lot of emails or surf a lot of websites.

The rest of the features on both the MDA Compact IV and the MDA Vario IV are identical to the first HTC Touch Diamond. You still get GPS, Wi-Fi, HSPA, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. Bear in mind that these are T-Mobile Europe handsets and not T-Mobile USA.