2012 To See Ford Mondeo Four-Door Coupe

2012 To See Ford Mondeo Four-Door Coupe


Growing up, I associated most cars that had four doors with sedans and wagons. If the car had two doors, then I’m more inclined to call it a coupe or a hatchback. That’s just the way things were. These days, however, such distinctions are not nearly as clear. You’ve got utility vehicles based on sedan platforms and five-door hatchbacks that are never referred to as wagons.

The 2004 Mercedes CLS introduced the world to the concept of a four-door coupe and it seems that this trend will be continuing in 2012 with the emergence of a Ford Mondeo four-door coupe. Other premium manufacturers, like Volkswagen and Aston Martin, have already created their versions of a luxury four-door coupe, so Ford wants a piece of the pie too.

The Ford Mondeo sedan is due for a “mild facelift” in 2010, but a completed “revamped” version could hit streets in 2012. It will no longer be a sedan and will rather be marketed as a four-door coupe. The new Mondeo will get a sleek roofline, trapezoidal grille, and a short decklid. They may further expand the line to include a Mondeo two-door coupe and a Mondeo crossover too.