Three Flavors of 3G iPhone On The Way

Three Flavors of 3G iPhone On The Way


As we inch that much closer to WWDC on June the 9th, little tidbits of information are starting to leak out regarding the next-generation 3G iPhone. The latest rumor to find its way onto the interweb is the possibility that Apple will be selling the 3G iPhone in no fewer than three different colors.

As seen in the picture depicted here, the next-generation Apple iPhone could be shipping in your choice of silver, black, or red. The black with chrome trim is pretty much in line with the current model, but the inclusion of two other colors could provide Cupertino fans with a little more personality. The deep red is vaguely reminiscent of the red Chocolate phone from LG. Maybe it’s just me.

In any case, you can chalk up the color option thing as a rumor for now. Look for more confirmation when Steve Jobs takes the stage early next month.